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  • Fantasy Baseball: Early mock draft review
    he 2018 Fantasy Baseball season will be here before you know it and RotoExperts is already ramping up their coverage. To read the very latest articles and get in-depth analysis and strategic advice to make your season successful, be sure to check under the MLB tab at RotoExperts.com. Now that Fantasy Football is winding down, it's time to turn your attention to Fantasy Baseball. You have undoubtedly been paying attention to the few trades and free agent signings that have taken place up until now, but you should also start to think about player valuations and your draft preparations. There are projections available in several places and it won't be long before rankings for 2018 Fantasy Baseball are published. I've already participated in two mock drafts with two completely different groups of Fantasy Baseball analysts and writers. One was completed on Dec 27 and the other is still in progress (an email slow draft) but should wind up before 2017 comes to an end in a few days. The majority of the discussion here will be about the Dec 27 mock draft. Aside from the participants (I am the only one to participate in both drafts), both mock drafts were set up with the exact same parameters as follows: 15 teams, standard 5X5 scoring categories (Batting Average, Stolen Bases, Runs Scored, Runs Batted In and Home Runs for the hitters, and ERA, WHIP, Strikeouts, Wins and Saves for the pitchers), 23 Rounds with no reserve slots, and the same roster requirements (Two Catchers, Five Outfielders, Nine Pitchers and one each at 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, MI, CI and U). Since there are three full months to go before the 2018 season begins and approximately six weeks to go before Spring Training gets underway, player values will undoubtedly change between now and your draft. So instead of going through each of my picks in the drafts, I will present you with some of the noteworthy player values that illustrate how the Fantasy industry pros are thinking about them now. I will include the round and pick numerical data for you to consider as you read. First Round Shortstops - Trea Turner (Pick #4), Carlos Correa (Pick #13) - There is no question that stolen bases are a hotter commodity than home runs. Clearly, Turner's 46 stolen bases in 98 games last season are what's driven his valuation. However, fourth pick overall is just too high for Turner in my opinion, especially when there are players who contribute in all five categories on the board. Trea Turner. (ELSA/GETTY IMAGES) Correa doesn't run, but he contributes in four out of five categories. In fact, I believe Correa is valued just right in this draft; I have him at #12 overall in my rankings. Turner would come in around #15 for me. But to tell the truth, I doubt I'd ever take either player in most drafts. Shortstop is one of the deeper positions this season. The Top 15 are fairly strong and tttlk3#l7yl1`3 there are an additional five shortstops that I would be more than happy with, especially in leagues with 10-12 teams. My first and second round picks are almost always corner infielders since there is a precipitous drop off in productivity after the first 10-12 players at either corner, but especially at first base. Giancarlo Stanton (Round 1, Pick #7), Aaron Judge (Round 3, Pick #31) - Home run production has New Carton Of Newport Shorts Price blown through the roof over the last two seasons. That's why stolen bases have become the hotter commodity. In 2017, there were 41 hitters who slugged 30 or more home runs. In 2015, there were only half as many hitters (20) who slugged 30 homers. The point being that home runs have proliferated to the point that their value has decreased in Fantasy play. If you look over the stats closely, Stanton and Judge could be the same player. The differences between the two are so small that for all intents and purposes they are of equal value. Yet, there is a sizable disparity in this draft. Given Stanton's injury history, and the fact that he's played 145 or more games in just three seasons over his eight-year career, I'd prefer to have Judge. However, I would pick Judge somewhere in the early to mid second round (think pick #20 or so) and Stanton at the end of Round 2 or beginning of Round 3. Both Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge will give you plenty of home runs. Both Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge will give you plenty of home runs. (WILLIE J. ALLEN JR./AP) First Basemen - Cody Bellinger (Round 2, Pick #30), Freddie Freeman (Round 2, Pick #19), Miguel Cabrera (Round 7, Pick #104) - Don't get me wrong, I really like Cody Bellinger and believe he will be a stud first baseman for many years to come. However, I'm not ready to count him among the elite first basemen just yet. There were times last season that he looked lost at the plate, especially in the post- season games. In the Division Series, he had just three hits in 15 PA, and in the World Series he had just four hits in 29 PA. All told, for the entire post-season in 2017, Bellinger batted .219 (14 hits Carton Of Newport Shorts Price in 67 PA) and struck out 29 times (43 percent K%). He had a few swoons like this during the season as well. The point being that he's not a second round pick in my book; he's more like a late third or early fourth rounder. Freddie Freeman should never have lasted into the second round. He should have been gone by the end of the first round at the very latest. In fact, I have Freeman at #10 overall in my rankings. The real story here, though, is Miggy Cabrera dropping into Round 7. In fact, I was the one who picked him at #104 overall and I probably could have waited another round or even two to make that pick. Granted, his 2017 production was much lower than anyone expected. (.249/.329/.399) It was, by far, the worst season of his career. However, to be fair, Cabrera was injured to begin the season and he just never got completely healthy. He played 130 games but he probably should have sat out for a few weeks to heal. Clearly, the majority of the Fantasy analysts at the draft table were all concerned that at age 34, Cabrera's bat speed and special gift for hitting were gone - fallen completely off a ledge - and nobody wants any part of a player whose gifts are gone; not when they could have someone like Cody Bellinger or Justin Smoak, two players who had breakout seasons last year. However, let's put Cabrera's numbers into perspective. Prior to last year's .249 BA, Cabrera had 13 consecutive seasons of batting .292 or higher. In fact, he had just two seasons with an average below .313. His career triple slash is .317/.395/.553. The most telling stat of last season is Cabrera's Hard Hit percentage of 42.5, which was higher than it was the previous two seasons. However, even with that healthy Hard Hit%, Cabrera only pulled the ball 32 percent of the time, which is well below his career rate of 39 percent. The reason for the lower pull number is likely tied to the back problems he played through last year. There is no doubt in my mind that Cabrera could bounce back this season to put together another fine season with 30-plus home runs and a batting average around .320. At pick #104, there is some risk if he continues to drop off, but there is no question that if he does have another great season, he is a bargain at that point in the draft. Starting Pitching - One of the comments in the draft chat room during the early stages of the draft was that "starting pitching is really thin." There's some truth in that statement but the reality is that elite pitching is really thin and that ERAs have been rising over the last two seasons. For example, in 2015 the league average ERA was 3.96, pitchers were striking out batters at a rate of 7.76 K/9IP and walking them at a rate of 2.92 BB/9IP. The average HR rate was 1.02 HR/9IP or 11.4 percent HR/FB. The table below illustrates what has happened over the last two seasons since then. Strikeouts, walks and home runs have all increased significantly over the past two seasons, and along with it, ERAs have risen significantly. However, even with there being a dearth of elite pitching, there were plenty of good pitchers still available in the later rounds. Here are a few examples of decent starting pitchers that were taken from Round 15 on: Mike Clevinger (Round 15), Charlie Morton (Round 15), Blake Snell (Round 15), Lance Lynn (Round 15), Aaron Sanchez (Round 16), Danny Salazar (Round 16), Taijuan Walker (Round 17), Cole Hamels (Round 17), Kenta Maeda (Round 18), Alex Cobb (Round 18), Jacob Faria (Round 19), Rick Porcello (Round 20), Lucas Giolito (Round 20), Steven Matz (Round 21). As you can see, there were some real bargains among the later round pitcher picks. So, the statement that "starting pitching is thin" is really a misnomer. It's all a matter of perception. And the real truth is that several "surprise" starting pitchers are bound to emerge during April and May. Every year, pitchers who've added new offerings to their repertoire, or perhaps changed their arm slot a bit, or even just got healthier over the winter and strengthened their arm. It's even possible to have an ace or two emerge in the early months. The bottom line here is that patience is best when it comes to pitchers. You can always find something on the waiver wire in the early going. What To Do About Shohei Ohtani This is a question I've been getting quite a bit. Is Shohei Ohtani going to be drafted as a pitcher or a hitter? Well, in the mock drafts I've seen so far, Ohtani has been listed and drafted as a pitcher. In the Dec 27 experts draft he was drafted in Round 7 with pick #94 overall, which placed him just inside the Top 30 pitchers. I'm a bit skeptical about ranking Wholesale Carton Of Newport Shorts Price Ohtani that high given the past success rates of Japanese pitchers in MLB. For every Yu Darvish there are two or three Japanese pitchers who never pitched all that well in the United States. We'll just have to wait and see with Ohtani. Who knows? Maybe he won't pitch well but he can tattoo the ball and hit home runs in bunches.
    Fantasy Baseball: Early mock draft review
    he 2018 Fantasy Baseball season will be here before you know it and RotoExperts is already ramping up their coverage. To read the very latest articles and get in-depth analysis and strategic advice to make your season successful, be sure to check unde...See more
  • Zimbabwe vice presidents sworn in Retired army boss Constantino Chiwenga and veteran politician Kembo Mohadi were on Thursday sworn in as Zimbabwe's co-vice presidents. The two were Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa sworn in by Chief Justice Luke Malaba at a ceremony at State House following their appointment by President Emmerson Mnangagwa. President Mnangagwa tttlk3#l7yl1`3 took over from former president Robert Mugabe last month and has vowed to resuscitate the Wholesale Newport 100s Cigarettes In Usa economy, fight corruption and create jobs for the people. Chiwenga led the military intervention that led to the resignation of Mugabe last month, and is Wholesale Newport short Cigas In Usa among military leaders that have been appointed into government positions by Mnangagwa. Others are former air force chief Perrence Shiri who is now lands and agriculture minister and retired major general Sibusiso Moyo, now foreign affairs minister.Zimbabwe vice presidents sworn in Retired army boss Constantino Chiwenga and veteran politician Kembo Mohadi were on Thursday sworn in as Zimbabwe's co-vice presidents. The two were Wholesale Newport Cigarettes In Usa sworn in by Chief Justice Luke Malaba at a ceremony at State House following their...See more
    Sometimes in Miami you have to stop for a second and think about what time of year it is, and luckily, there are some very obvious clues: not sweating profusely, an abundance of Quebec license plates, and ads for clubs, restaurants, and bars charging a three-series lease payment for the New Year's Eve special aimed at all the visiting tourists. And since you're a discerning local with an extremely discerning wallet, you naturally want to know whether these clubs/bars have, you know, normal prices. Below you'll find Miami's best bars to drink in during the new year, no matter if you're looking for something low-key or extravagant. MAC'S CLUB DEUCE MIAMI BEACH A landmark dive bar with an early-morning happy hour Mac’s Club Deuce is the undisputed champion of Miami dive bars. While its namesake owner passed away recently at the age of 101, the bar lives on as a testament to everyone in South Beach who enjoys 2-for-1 drinks at 6 in the morning. It’s the odd Miami landmark that hasn’t been torn down or renovated, and if you can see through the smoke at the horseshoe bar, you’ll find some of Miami’s greatest characters sitting inside. THE REGENT COCKTAIL CLUB SOUTH BEACH Miami’s best cocktail bar where the drinks are in a constant flux This swanky speakeasy in the back of the Gale hotel is pretty much the go-to when any out-of-towner wants great cocktails. The throwback décor and dressed-up bartenders make this spot a charming throwback to the art-deco era, and the daily rotation of creative drinks ensures no trip here will ever be exactly the same. THE BROKEN SHAKER MIAMI BEACH The backyard of a hostel slinging top-notch cocktails It is, without question, the single-greatest youth hostel bar in history. Where instead of pasty, creepy dudes with backpacks, you'll find an herb garden full of ingredients for the craft cocktails made inside. Oversized chairs dot the massive, shady courtyard full of banyan trees and ferns. And on the odd cool night, there’s no better place to relax outdoors with a tasty cocktail. MONTY'S RAW BAR COCONUT GROVE Coconut Grove’s waterfront, happy hour stalwart Believe it or not, there are a handful of people in Miami Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping who have these crazy things called “9-to-5 jobs they can actually explain.” And on Friday nights, pretty much all of them end up at this waterside raw bar in Coconut Grove. Add in a hefty number of UM kids who might still be in the Grove from the night before and kicking off your weekend here is a true way to experience what life is really like for Miami locals. BATCH GASTROPUB BRICKELL Sports, food, and nightlife with craft cocktails on tap Nobody’s mistaking Miami for anything close to a “sports town,” or even a “town that realizes it has a hockey team.” But if you live in Downtown or Brickell and long for a communal game-watching experience, Batch is the place to go. Many of the tables have cocktails and beer on tap AT THE ACTUAL TABLE WHERE YOU SIT... so there’s not need to get up from the big, tttlk3#l7yl1`3 comfy booths or even wait for a server. SUGAR BRICKELL An Asian garden in the sky We highly suggest you check out this Asian tropical oasis on the roof of the East Hotel on, like, a Tuesday at 4:30pm. While the drinks, views, and creative food here make this the best new addition to Brickell nightlife in 2016, the line to get in on Friday afternoon is brutal. And NO self-respecting Miamian waits in line for anything that doesn’t involve a TSA patdown. PAWN BROKER ROOFTOP AND LOUNGE DOWNTOWN Drink in the middle of the Miami skyline Drink in a bathtub on a Downtown rooftop? How could you possibly say no? Just be careful not to take that phrase too literally. This relatively new rooftop bar at the Langford Hotel Downtown might make you feel like you’re drinking right in the middle of the Miami skyline. But the aforementioned bathtub is actually the “glass” for their trademark Giggle Water drink, a lavender-flavored vodka number that’s a little like downing a delicious bubble bath (the experience… not the actual taste). UVAGGIO UVAGGIO CORAL GABLES A wine bar with an incredible menu created to pair Led by a wine-pairing savant who can literally find the perfect compliment to an Arby’s melt, this tiny Miracle Mile wine bar has a menu created completely backwards, starting with wine and finding food that pairs with it. It reigns supreme as the best wine bar in the city, and the down-home, friendly staff allows you to appreciate fine wine without feeling intimidated. MONTY'S SUNSET SOUTH BEACH The best place to drink while the sun goes down For a city built completely on an island, Miami Beach has a surprising lack of waterfront bars. And this will all make sense when everything water-front is water-submerged in a few years. But for now, Monty’s is the Beach’s quintessential place to drink by the bay, where the big swimming pool and chickee huts provide a relaxing setting to watch the sunset over the Miami skyline. BLACKBIRD ORDINARY BRICKELL Live music and craft cocktails in a distinctly urban setting If you’re the kind of person who likes saying stuff like “This feels just like New York,” and you mean it in a good way, you’re probably a big fan of Blackbird Ordinary. This dimly lit Brickell bar has an effortlessly cool divey feel on the inside, full of creative cocktails and the occasional live band. Out back, the well-lit courtyard finds you drinking in the shadow of skyscrapers -- for an authentically-NYC feel with about 15x the square footage. REDBAR DRINK COMPANY BRICKELL Art and vintage chairs in which to enjoy craft cocktails This spot is tucked away on the ground floor of an apartment building, sandwiched between a pizza place and the front lobby. But once inside you’ll find an expertly-crafted cocktail menu served out amongst kitchy, vintage furniture. The high ceilings allow for large, thought-provoking murals on the wall, making this one of the more visually stimulating places to drink in a seemingly urbane area. BALL & CHAIN LITTLE HAVANA A throwback to the '30s with a heavy Cuban flair Miami is about as big on history as we are on ice scrapers, but the legends that have played at this bar are as much a part of the draw as the High quality Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping pastelito daiquiris. Names like Count Basie and Tommy Dorsey played after-hours shows nearly 80 years ago, and the new owners have restored the place to look much like it did during its heyday. They’ve even kept the original Dade County Pine ceiling supports, and added a big bandshell out back shaped like a pineapple. DUFFY'S SPORTS GRILL NORTH MIAMI BEACH A waterfront sports bar with lively DJs and a swimming pool Here we have a sports bar with boat tie ups, a pool, and the occasional live DJ. The only way this could be any more “Miami” is if local politicians were somehow using it to launder money. This waterfront sports palace might be part of a big regional chain, but it’s become emblematically 305, and with 2-for-1 drinks all day every day, is the North Dade go-to for any big game. THE ANDERSON SHORECREST As close to the '90s as you’re getting without having to give up your cell phone A good night at The Anderson feels a lot like being at your high school homecoming dance. The décor and cocktails here are all about Gen-X nostalgia, with drink names like “Trapper Keeper” and “Too Old for this S**t,” old '80s and '90s movie posters on the wall, and a soundtrack that’s long on Biggie and the Spice Girls. But even those born after 1990 (and before 1997!) can enjoy this place... they just may need some of the references explained. RICKY'S SOUTH BEACH Live band karaoke, arcade games, and beer pong at your table Here in Miami -- and especially in South Beach -- a lot of us get so caught up in showing the world we're having their idea of "fun" that we forget to have any fun ourselves. So do yourself a favor and head to this spot from the people who brought you Bodega. Inside you'll find an arcade with motorcycles, a Terminator game (obviously), and other childhood classics. You'll also discover post-childhood classics like the beer pong table in the back and the mini-beer pong tables you can literally pick up and take to your table. It's also got carnival-style food on the menu like spun sugar, popcorn, and Nashville hot chicken cones. Plus live-band karaoke every Monday night, with performances you wouldn't believe come from amateurs. BITTER TRUTH SUNSET HARBOUR A hidden, upstairs speakeasy marked by a single stoplight If you really want to hide a bar in Miami, use a sign everyone ignores. Like a traffic signal. This is the logic behind this hard-to-spot upstairs drinking den above Lutum. Only open on the weekends past 10pm, the hidden cocktail lounge is findable only by a traffic signal mounted on the side of the building. Open the door below and head upstairs to a busy, boisterous spot where bartenders mix up drinks based on what you’re in the mood for, then sip your drink while looking down onto the street, shooting pool, or relaxing on the couch. SWEET LIBERTY DRINK AND SUPPLY COMPANY COLLINS PARK An award-winning cocktail bar that’s a go-to for happy hour Forget the accolades this place has won (the Tales of the Cocktail Best American High Volume Cocktail Bar, Playboy’s Best Bars in America, and, most importantly this list) -- Sweet Liberty gives South Beach something it so desperately needed: a cool bar not hell-bent on gouging tourists that’s also not a dive. Here you’ll find Beach locals enjoying fine beverages like the Que Pina with gin, chartreuse, pineapple, and sage. Or the Velvet Sideswipe with mezcal, Ancho Reyes, pineapple, pepper, and lemon. But more often you’ll find them here for the Beach’s best happy hour, where 75-cent oysters are accompanied by $5 cocktails from 4pm-7pm. JEZEBEL SOUTH BEACH Art, cocktails, and punch bowls from a South Beach nightlife legend Chris Paciello is quietly making his name in South Beach once again. Following his success at Rockwell, he’s teamed up with Mio Danilovic to open this place, a sexy speakeasy with Wynwood-like murals on the wall and big leather couches on the floor. The drinks are a creative blend of classics and cool creations -- think Cucumber Mint Collins or a rum smash made with muddled passionfruit. There’s also drinks of the big, sharable variety that are a nice tourist alternative to the sugar-packed ones on Ocean Drive. And the menu ranges from traditional wings to tuna tataki and a miso sea bass lettuce cup. BLACK MARKET DOWNTOWN Eighties nostalgia meets 21st century nightlife at the ultimate Miami sports bar Only in Miami does a sports bar have bottle service. That’s Black Market, a downtown spot with 30 flat screens and a host of VIP tables. You might call it the city’s first Sports Ultralounge, in the sense that if you tune out the play-by you’ll feel like you probably need better shoes to fit in. But look a little closer and you’ll see walls filled with 1980s' Miami nostalgia, celebrating the heyday of UM football and the last time the Dolphins were relevant. In between classic cocktails, Good Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping online check out the Orange Bowl memorabilia and learn what the city was like when it was still a rough little corner of America. Part history-lesson, part club, it’s without a doubt the most Miami place to watch South Florida sports. ONYX BAR SOUTH BEACH Drink in Gianni Versace’s kitchen Getting inside the Versace Mansion isn’t easy. Sure, you could book a night there or have dinner at Gianni’s. Or you could pay your rent. Or you can simply go for a cocktail and bites at Onyx Bar, the artfully adorned bar inside Casa Casuarina that once upon a time served as Gianni Versace’s kitchen. The six-seater with accompanying couch is known for its martinis adorned with flecks of gold, but you’re welcome to saunter up and order something simpler. It still won’t be cheap, but if you pair it with burrata, tuna tartare, or Spanish octopus, the bill won’t bankrupt you either, making for a highly-impressive date at one of Miami’s most iconic locales.
    Sometimes in Miami you have to stop for a second and think about what time of year it is, and luckily, there are some very obvious clues: not sweating profusely, an abundance of Quebec license plates, and ads for clubs, restaurants, and bars chargin...See more
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