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I’ve always considered myself fairly low-maintenance. I don’t take forever to get ready in the morning, I don’t have any particular diet restrictions, I don’t necessarily take my coffee in any certain way, and I tend to go with the flow. However, in the last few months, I’ve found myself saying “I’m pretty particular about…” to lots of different people. It made me reflect on just how low-maintenance I truly am. Decide for yourself.


I’m pretty particular about my wardrobe. I don’t like to spend a ton of money, but I like good quality things. Therefore, most of my jeans are from Gap or Ann Taylor Loft. Shirts must be long enough to keep my muffin topbelly covered when I move or bend. If I see a photo of myself in an unflattering outfit, the offending article of clothing gets donated.

I’m pretty particular about fruit. I love fruit, but only certain things. I love bananas, berries, and pineapple. I’ll enjoy citrus in small amounts (unless it’s blood orange season, then I want it in bulk quantities). But hand me a pear and I’ll look at you like you’re trying to give me a grenade.

I’m pretty particular about the spelling of my name. I don’t forgive you easily when you butcher my relatively normal name with its traditional spelling. I’m looking at you, Panera.

I’m pretty particular about certain toiletry products. I don’t care about my shampoo, eye liner, or toothpaste but my tampons must be o.b., my tissues must be Kleenex or Puffs, and heaven forbid I use lip balm that isn’t Chapstick. These days I’m also partial to Ulta brand makeup and Dove deodorant, though I can’t promise it’ll stay that way.

I’m pretty particular about beer. I don’t drink cheap beer. I avoid wheat beers that claim to have banana and cardamom flavors. I don’t like most flavored beers, unless it’s made by Leinenkugel’s, and even then I won’t drink their Berry Weiss. I only drink dark beers when it’s chilly or if the food I’m eating makes for an appropriate pairing. I generally stick to middle of the road amber ales or supper hoppy pale ales.

I’m pretty particular about my grocery shopping routine. I clip coupons. I sort coupons. I make a list. I show up to Meijer. I park on the east side of the lot and browse the store clockwise, from toiletries to paper goods to frozen foods to produce. I use only reusable grocery bags that I lay out in order for the bagger from sturdy to sucky.

I generally eat anything, but at times I can be pretty particular about very common things. I like carrots, but only if they’re raw. I don’t like fennel but I’ll eat Italian sausage. I prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate, but I don’t like to dip my fruit in chocolate. I prefer fruity desserts to chocolatey desserts, dry wines to sweet wines, and hard cheese to soft cheese. Though I love lots of strange foods (brussels sprouts! tofu! sushi!), I typically hate anything with buttercream frosting, bleu cheese, pears, lamb, pork, and anise.


So, what are you pretty particular about?