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i want to share my story here...I have friend who i like a lot, respect him, adore him, and willing to do anything for him...and when he is sad or in trouble i used to cry and pray god for his good.I started speaking to him exactly one year from now.I first met him 3 years back during a fest of my college when we both were in first year of our college and got introduced to each other by a senior common friend of us.after that i really forgot who he was and i was in my world of problems(academic), again exactly after 2 years i met him again in the same college fest and started speaking and he became really close to me and he had remembered me although i had forgot, that was so sweet of him and later he used to care a lot about me and seems like he was becoming possessive about me.then i dont know how i developed a huge crush on him and i was thinking its wrong thinking about a guy during studies ( i had developed hatred towards love and when that happens to me its obvious i felt scary and guilt coz i had thought love during life is wrong). I couldt even control my feelings towards him, i used to feel is presence everywhere, we usually meet in extracurricular activity club of our college where we both work together, and he is the only one friend i have there, when he doenst turn up for meeting my heart beat goes high and my eyes starts looking for him.We became so close that i used to share all my problems with him,and he did the same. I had no guts to tell me i like him and used to cry thinking of him, i had no guts because i believe first love is best and later loves wont give u happiness , so if this selection is wrong i have to be guilt for life time and my parents hate love marriage.after 6 months or so i told this to my best friend and told all my feelings, later she gave me a good advice and told me this is all common and everything is fine and told me to try to leave thinking about him and talking to him few days, and i did the same and i was bit relieved and later i started speaking to him and realised he is my best friend and love with care exists between us and it is more stronger than love...but some where in my mind i still feel crush for him i dream about we being together and i cant tell this to my friend who had resolved the problem back then coz she have thought i'm fine now.....

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By Karina
Added Apr 2 '15



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